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    I'm representing ~QS'G group, which focuses at tournament organization, unlike ESL and other major leagues, we tend to focus at prioritizing the participants and wrap the tournament mechanics around the majority's demands and spice things up with some interesting prizes and overall offer an enjoyable, friendly and competitive environment.

    Until recently, we've primarily ran tournaments, nations cups and other competitive and non-competitive events for one specific modification for Jedi Academy, a total conversion called Movie Battles 2 (adds 12 unique classes to the game, such as Mandalorian or Clone trooper, all mixed up in siege mode in very balanced game-mode), but recently, we've agreed to expand to the rest of the Jedi Academy, including base JK:A, siege and other total conversions and offer one, stable and competitive portal, which will offer a great place for all the competitors across the whole world to meet up and apart from providing official, ranked matches and tournaments leading up to interesting and juicy prizes, it will also ease up the process of clan-to-clan relationships and ease access for anyone to the rest of the Jedi Academy competitive community apart from other amazing things and benefits.

    This project is at its very early stages, because we're putting our crew back together after several months of inactivity, a new web-site and a new vBulletin powered forum are being worked on and we plan to open, of course, how else than with a new season of qualification matches for SS 2014 (for now is certain support for both base JK:A and Movie Battles 2).

    We plan to launch our forum within a week for starters and I'm bringing this to your forums, because I'd like to give you some heads up and also I'd like to find out, whether your clan would be interested in taking part in the competition.

    One last thing; is there a way to get in touch with your clan leadership either over Xfire, Skype or Facebook? I've got a few eager referees, who are ready to help already and answer all necessary questions.

    I wish your team all the best luck and many won matches!

    Best Regards,

    And here something little more..

    OUR OLD WEB-SITE: http://mb2tour.com/
    OUR XFIRE COMMUNITY: http://www.xfire.com/clans/mb2tour/
    OUR FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/mb2tour/
    USEFUL CONTACTS: mb2tour (U.S. organization & management), shockwavepowa (EU organization & ref.)

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